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MAY 2017



Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Vol 141, No 5
-EGFR mutational testing is a negative predictor of benefit of anti-EGFR monoclonal antibody therapies for Colorectal Ca. Patients considered for antiEGFR therapy must recive RAS and NRAS mutation testing for codons 12 and 13 exon 2, 569 and 61 exon 3, and 117 and 146 exon 4. BRAF pV600 muitational analysis should be performed in dMMR tumors with loss of MLH1 to evaluate Lynch. ¾ of colorectal Ca with MSI are due to MLH1 promoter hypermethylation with acquired BRAF mutation. Absence of BRAF mutation does not exclude Lynch. There is insufficient evidence for PIK3CA mutational analysis and PTEN analysis. Metastatic or recurrent colorectal Ca tissues are preferred for biomarker testing.
-Adenoca in situ is difficult to recognize on Pap slides and the false negative interpretation rate is higher for AIS than HSIL, SCC and Adenoca.
-Primary bladder paraganglioma is a rare bladder tumor showing negative immunostains for succinate deshidrogenase in 17% of cases, associated with higher mitosis and malignant behavior.
-Pulmonary hypertension is associated with concentric cellular intimal proliferation or plexiform lesions with network of vascular channels. Pulmonary venous hypertension shows veins in the interlobular septa with doubling of the elastic layer.
-Low grade sinonasal sarcoma is a spindle cell proliferation surrounding benign glanular epithelium with patchy SMA and S100.
-Splenic EBV associated inflammatory pseudotumor  is a subcapsular lesion showing multinucleated histiocytes, plasma cells  and spindle cells SMA positive and CD21 negative. EBV is strongly positive.


American Journal of Clinical Pathology, Vol 147, No 5
-Dual immunostains with SATB2 and CK20 differentiates  Appendiceal Mucinous Neoplasms from ovarian Mucinous Neoplasms. Stains are positive in appendiceal mucinous neoplasm and negative in ovarian mucinous tumors.


Advances in Anatomic Pathology, Vol 24, Issue 3
-This issue review bladder Ca pathologic staging, pediatric follicular lymphoma and Marginal zone lymphoma, also vulvar and Anal intraepithelial intraepithelial Neo, S100P marker for urothelial  histogenesis and neuroendocrine tumors of the larynx.


Cancer, vol 123, Issue 9 and 10
- CDC recommends vaccine with only 2 HPV doses for younger adolescents.
-DNA stool testing is costlier and is not as effective as colonoscopy.
-Women with HPV related oropharyngeap p16+ SCC has better px than men.
-Bilateral salpingectomy without oophorectomy may be a preventive approach for high grade serous Ca, avoiding the adverse effects of reverse menopause. 


Cancer Cytopathology, Vol 125, Issue 5
-Cytological smears are good specimen (with optimal triage) for the evaluation of Alk by FISH.
-Thyroid nodules with atypia of undetermined significance cytology and Afirma gene expression classifier (GEC) are more likely to prove malignancy in nodules with cytologic atypia than in nodules with architectural atypia only


Dx Cytopathology, Vol 45, Issue 5
-PTC with solid component shows smears with cohesive solid nests, trabecular pattern, overlapping, enlarged nucleoli, grooves, pleomorphism, abscense of colloid. Not always psammoma bodies are identified.
-Review shows that 21% of  benign thyroid cases are called AUS/FLUS in cytology.
-Cytologic features of SCC in oral cavity are many orangeophilic cells with concentric (pearls), bizarre squamous cells and presence of keratoglobules. Also uneven filamentous cytoplasm.
-Xp11 translocation RCC can mimic Papillary RCC and clear cell papillary Ca. TEF3 IHC supports, as well as CD10, E cadherin and AMACA Racemase
-Diff dx of Cribiform adenocarcinoma of minor salivary glands are: Polymorphus Low Grade AdenoCa and Adenoid Cystic Ca.


Human Pathology, Vol 62, May 2017
-Helsinky Score evaluate adrenocortical adenoma and it is based in necrosis, mitosis and ki67 parameters.
-CK17 positive predict poor survival in triple negative breast Ca.
-Lipoblasts may occur in Spindle Cell Lipoma and Pleomorphic lipoma, tumors that are characteristically superficial in head and neck. They are all CD34+ and negative for Rb antibodies. FISH MDM2 may help in the evaluation of these cases.
-PAX8 is positive in Seminal Vesicle Cancer, negative in prostate Ca.


International Journal of Gyn Pathology, Vol 36, Issue 3
-Mucinous differentiation with infiltrating lymphos in endometrial Ca may be an indication of MSI with sporadically methylated endometrial Ca .
-Morphology of partial mole may mimic in early gestation the non molar abortus with hydropic change. Aneuploidy is even detected in 21% of cases of nonmolar abortus (trismo 8, 3, 13, 21 and monosomy X).
-Extragonadal theratomas in the endometrium and cervix may be part of the Growing teratoma syndrome
-Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor of the placenta may be associated to rearrangement of ALK.
-Most extrauterine high grade serous Ca arise as intraepithelial serous tubal Ca from the fimbriated fallopian tube.
-Any p16 expression may be a risk factor of progression in cases of CIN1.


Journal of Clinical Pathology, Vol 70, Issue 5
-When somatic mutation occur in p53 and RB, the cells, in order to survive and evade M2 checkpoint, activate mechanisms to maintain or lengthen the telomers.
-PCR with EDTA retrieval improves detection of Tb/nonTB mycobacteria.
-HPV subtypes may be detected by mass spectrometry in FFPE tissue.
-No evidence of Polyoma virus found in the etiology of Keratoacanthoma or Spitz.


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