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Mammostrat is an immunohistochemistry test offered by Clarient, an alternative to Oncotype Dx.  

Mammostrat is an immunohistochemistry test performed in formalin fixed blocks  to estimate risk of recurrence in hormone receptor positive early stage breast cancer, validated with more than 3000  patients.  It is stratified in the following Risk Index of recurrence:  Low, moderate of high risk. Risk of recurrence to 20 years  is 7.6% for Low, 16% for Moderate and 20% for high risk.

Test is ordered following determination of ER/PR , Her-2 and Ki-67

The following are the 5 biomarkers used in Mammostrat:

p53, HTF9C (protein implicated in cycle cell control), CEACAM5 (protein aberrantly expressed in breast Ca), NDRG1 (protein that help tumors survive under hypoxia) and SLC75A (protein involved in nutrient transport). These five biomarkers target the most poorly differentiated areas of the tumor.

The test turnaround is 24 to 48 hours. It is more economic than the alternative Oncotype Dx. Oncotype Dx is a molecular assay based in 21 genes and also divide the cases in low,  intermediate and high risk of recurrence to 10 years. Mammostrat helps clinician to decide if add adjuvant cytotoxic chemo in addition to the standard endocrine treatment.



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