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The information on my web page is created for pathology education only. It is not designed for research or going to be used for any commercial reasons or promoted. This website is public (as pathology journals are) but the information presented is exclusively  dedicated to pathologists. I do not expect the common public to access my website. This site is not designed for telepathology consultation with other pathologists.  

If somebody access my site as a consultation site, please consider that the website is not meant to take the place of the advice of a qualified health care provider and should not be used as a consultation site. You should consult your doctor if you have a question about your medical condition. I will not be held responsible for damage resulting from information presented from external web pages or other sources. I do not accept any liability for any use that may be made of the information provided here and I do not give any warranty  of the accuracy or quality of the content. 

The microscopic pictures and cases presented in this site are all from my own material. I do not include pictures from other pathologists or other services like Radiology. This site have been carefully designed to avoid any potential violation of patient privacy.  Pictures are de-identified microscopic images (from internal organs or tissues), in no way comparable with identifiable external body parts. The cases published are in random order and they are a mixture of recent cases with previous cases from my 26 years of pathology practice.  I never include any protected identifiable personal  information or metadata associated to the pictures. Most cases are  a composite of neatly fictionalized information with changes in age and sex of the patient and even changes in organ site or location of the lesion. I try to use my pictures  to create the scenario of classical cases modifying the clinical presentation of most cases.

As an additional strategy to keep the anonimity of the material,  I do not reveal in my personal information the location of the Hospital where I work and I try not to publish anything exccedingly or extremely rare that may appear particular to any patient, nor unnecessary details of comorbidities or clinical history.   

The sections Hemepath Notes, AP/CP Notes and Journal Review are written and summarized in my own words and using my own page layout (no material is copied or pasted here). Most sources consulted are credited.