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The following is a brief outline of my professional activities after I became a Pathologist. 

I am currently a board certified Pathologist in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology (2007) with american board of pathology AP/CP recertification (2017). I have been working in the area of Pathology for 28 years. I finished a 3 year AP residency in Colombia in 1992. After graduation, I worked as Anatomic Pathologist for 8 years at the General Hospital, an academic Hospital in Medellin, Colombia.  I was  in charge of tumor board, teaching conferences,  coordinator of the Pathology rotation for Surgery and OB-Gyn residents and also adjunct professor of the Faculty of Medicine of CES and Pontificia Bolivariana University.  

In 2000, I moved to USA.  I started a 5 year AP/CP Pathology residency program at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio (UTHSCSA) and graduated June 2005. My fourth year of residency was a fellowship in Cytopathology.  

I have been working as a Pathologist  for 12 years in private practice in Florida.  In my hospital, I cover a population of retired people with great variety of oncologic cases. My duties in the hospital are both Surgical and Clinical Pathology. I am a member of the Surgery Committee, Medical Care Committee and frequently represent the Pathology Department at the Executive Committee.

My professional interest significantly favors general Surgical Pathology, Cytopath, Gyn Path and I also have a special learning interest in the area of Hematopath.  We have a lot of lymphomas and leukemias in our community and I have performed hundreds of bone marrow biopsies in my 11 years of practice.  I send the flow cytometry and molecular studies to a reference lab but I always try to learn from the hematopathologist interpretation of those tests.  I worked with Telepathology  for the interpretation of my immunostains and I also use image computer assisted technology for the interpretation of breast prognostic markers and MSI. 

In 2008, I voluntarily trained to become a team leader inspector for the college of American Pathologist and subsequently inspected as team leader three  Florida Hospitals for the CAP accreditation. 

In 2009, I created this website and  for 8 years I have been publishing  interesting cases and a lot of pathology information. By keeping my website up to date I have found an excellent tool and discipline that helps me to be current in Pathology. I also feel very fortunate because this website is really a hobby helping me to fulfill three things that I really love: Pathology, informatics and teaching.  I really hope that my effort may be useful for pathology education and motivating for pathologists visiting my site. To make this page available to more people, I am  also going to publish occasionally articles in my native Spanish, for pathologist that do not read in English language. 

In 2017 I created  a facebook  and a Twiter pages to share AP and CP information and cases with other collegues.  The name of my Twiter page is @Andresangel3. My facebook page is  

I also  created in 2015 a  Flickr gallery of interesting cases. You can visit my pictures in the page


My contact address is  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.